Accutex Survey Systems, Inc. is the only surveying and mapping firm in Texas and perhaps the U.S. specializing in the development of cemeteries. The company was founded by Floyd Ward, a Registered Professional Land Surveyor with over 36 years of land surveying and mapping experience and over 23 years experience working with the cemetery industry.

Mr. Ward’s vast cemetery development experience and his commitment to high quality surveying and mapping have earned him many years of success in such prestigious cemeteries as:

Capital Memorial Parks Cemetery - Pflugerville, TX
Memorial Hill Cemetery - Austin, TX
Forest Oaks Memorial Park - Austin, TX
Onion Creek Memorial Park - San Leana, TX
Memory Lawn Memorial Park - San Marcos,TX   
Hays County Memorial Cemetery - Hays County, TX
Guadalupe Valley Memorial Park - New Braunfels, TX
Sunset Memorial Park - San Antonio, TX
Praerie Lea Cemetery - Brenham, TX
As well as private family cemeteries

The clients who utilize the services of Mr. Ward are those who are seeking a cemetery resource knowledgeable in the operation, marketing, products, planning and development of a cemetery project.

OUR EMPHASIS IS ON the present…...

From a marketing standpoint, it is important for a cemetery operation to realize that they must present to the public the idea that a cemetery is more than a grim reminder of their mortality, but rather a place for the living to enjoy life while respecting and remembering those love ones who have passed before them. Essentially every person who passes through the gates of the cemetery is a potential purchaser of some sort of cemetery product, be it a ground burial plot, lawn crypt, mausoleum space, columbarium, niche, private estate or memorialization – even if they don’t know it yet.

…...and the future…...

One of the marketing mindsets Mr. Ward tries to instill into his clients’ thinking is to step back from their current ways of operation and ask themselves “What are we going to be doing 5, 10, 20 years from now?” If the community where their cemetery operation is located is growing, the operation must understand that, as the community grows, so does the diversity of the demographics and thus, so does the needs and wants for broader choices. If the cemetery management insists on maintaining the statuesque, offering only the cluttered unstructured stoneyard style burial ground that the foundation of the community has seen in the past, then competition will eventually move in and provide the consumer choices for them.

……but most of all, PERSONAL SERVICE.

Accutex Survey Systems is not so overly staffed that it has to depend on high volume, low quality work to operate. In fact, the majority of the work is actually performed (field to finish) by Mr. Ward. This means that you have a knowledgeable cemetery development resource who oversees or performs every facet of your surveying, construction management or development project. We are in a Service Business and Personal Service is what we are selling.


Floyd Ward Cemetery Development Specialist

Floyd Ward
Registered Professional Land Surveyor

Cemetery Development Specialist